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Ottawa New Beetle Club Spring Fling 2002

Who would've guessed that the May long weekend would bring temperatures below the freezing mark...yikes! But neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor bone-chilling weather will stop the Ottawa New Beetle Club from its appointed cruise.

As we congregated in the wind blown parking lot of the Corel Centre, we were glad to meet a few new members of the ONBC. We stood around chatting and freezing and admiring each others sparkling New Beetles. We were all ready to jump in our warm cars and start cruising when we saw an orange flash heading down the 417 towards the Corel Centre off ramp. Could it be one of those brand new (and extremely cool) Snap Orange Beetles? Yes, yes that orange flash was indeed a new Snap Orange Beetle fresh off the showroom floor. René had talked about getting a new turbo Beetle to replace the previous model, but a Snap! René informed us he had to beg the dealer to "borrow" the car for the weekend, even though the dealer had not finished detailing it. René just couldn't wait, and had to have his cool new ride for the inaugural cruise of 2002.

Gentlemen/women...Start your engines!

So, off we went with nine gleaming New Beetles single-file through the streets of Ottawa. We enjoyed the smiles, "Ooooohs" and "Ahhhs", and "punch-buggies" from the onlookers.

Line of New Beetles taken in side mirror

Our cruise wound through the capital ending at Vincent Massey Park.

Lined up at the park

The original plan had been to enjoy a lovely spring picnic in the park, however with the wind-chill as low as it was, we instead headed to the closest restaurant we could find. After a few beers and a few fajitas at the Lone Star we headed back to our respective cities. Another successful cruise completed and a few new friends to add to the list!!!

Lined up at the park

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